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The Stars of Dressed as a Girl

The Ringmaster of this big old glittery circus

Agent provocateur, drag artiste and legendary performer, Kent-born Jonny Woo is one of London's most prolific entertainers and co-founder of the hugely popular Gay Bingo. Honing his craft in New York, Woo was a founding member of the NYC Downlow – Glastonbury’s first queer party tent. His show The East London Lecture documented the 90s explosion of Shoreditch, of which he was instrumental.

The youngest of the group and definitely the most ambitious

East Londoner Scottee has broken his high heels, he’s been questioned by police and his brash and obnoxious approach leaves audiences confused. After facing his personal demons we see Scottee grow into the confident performer that he is today, presenting on Radio 4 and touring the world with his one man show Burger Queen.

She calls herself a 'Tranny with a Fanny'

An openly queer woman and former serving soldier, Holestar challenges perceptions of gender by being a London’s foremost “bio” drag queen. In March 2015 she won “Best Drag Act” at the London Cabaret Awards, the first woman to do so.  

She’s outrageous and the life of every party

A transgender woman from Manchester and natural comedienne, Amber is currently working on her pop music career. In Dressed As A Girl we follower her transition from Day 1, when she enters the film as Dean on a tour bus to Glastonbury.

Our DJ extraordinaire

A talented DJ and sardonic wit, Sizzle is a domestic goddess whose day job is upholstery. He can often be found at his local church stuffing pouffes. “The drag DJ du jour” Sizzle shows the viewers what it’s really like to work on the scene.

"There is a third sex of people predisposed to be different from everybody else"

Pia is a transgendered girl who works as a labourer by day and showgirl by night. Pia is a one of a kind personality who away from the clubs, can be found repairing bicycles.

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A Man to Pet, Vanessa Abbott, Theo Adams, Adele ‘Bright Daffodil’, Paul Allard, Max Allen, John Baker, Robert Ninebob Beach, Thibs Bee, Bo Bella Selector, Pope Benedict,  Jonbenet Blonde, Blondie, Anthony Boyne, Feral Bojangles, Ma Butcher, Jade Buvez, Josh Caffe, Kristoffer Chapman, Rob Conn, Lavinia Coop, Levi Cross, Lottie Croucher, James Davison, Inko Dancers, Danni Daniels, Chrissy Darling, Richard Dawkins, Felix Dickinson, Beth Ditto, Joel Donnelly, Rhonda Drakeford, Nic Fisher, Lucy Fizz, Lucious Flajore, Tony Fournaris, Jurek Fryczkowski, Glyn Fussell, Gaffy Gaffiero, Sarah Gallagher, Derek Gardener, Sergeant Paul Gardener, Le Gateau Chocolat, Caron Geary, Orange Gina, Lonnie Gordon, Oozing Gloop, Paul Dragoni, Cruz Graham, Titus Groan, Princess Julia, Deborah Harry, James Hillard, Jeffrey Hinton, Miss Honey, Tony Hornecker, Luke Howard, JJ 'Noki' Hudson, Jordi Hulshof, Jag Hunjan, James Jeanette, Michelle Jepson, Felippe Johann, LaJohn Joseph, Nadia Juma, Mzz Kimberley, Jono Kitchens, Amy Lame, Batty Lashes, Lisa Lee, Dusty Limits, Daniel Lismore, Siobhan Macauliffe, Ross Mackenzie, Shay Malt, Marc with a C, Henderson McCue, Kirsty McKenzie, Feral is Kinky, Jodie Miners, Morris Monroe, Andrew Moore, Kevin Moore, Mark Moore, Fred Muzik, Pete Nash, Nigel Newton, Ruth Nichols, Alex Noble, Helen Nolan, Cher O’Brian, Nathaniel Parchment, Peaches, Borja Pena, Stuart Phoenix, James Phillips, Eva Platt, Mary Portas, Jacqui Potato, Ilona Rampling, Amy Redmond, Jacqueline Reyner, Rita the Cat, Fabulous Russella, Fancy Schmancy, The Scissor Sisters, Rachel Simpson, Miss Annabel Sings, Julian Smith, Bica Spankmehardovic, Suppositori Spelling, David Sqeaky, Ingenue St John, Lisa Stansfield, Dan Strutt, Peter Tacthell, Letitia Thomas, James Unsworth, Terry Vietheer, Marie-Louise Von Haselberg, Mr Teds Walker, Keeley Watson, Kim Wilde, Geoff Wooster, Wendy Wooster


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