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Dressed as a Girl Synopsis

The story of East London’s exciting drag scene with touching personal stories at its’ heart. Individuals questioning their friendships, family and personal ambitions whilst dressing up to shock the world.

In 2003, Jonny Woo landed in Shoreditch with his beard and high heels and found himself at the forefront of a new drag army. Situated in East London, the new cross-dressing clique became the focus of attention for the fashion press and were at all the coolest underground bars and parties. British alternative drag had arrived and with it our sextet of stars were born: Jonny Woo, Scottee, Pia, Amber, Holestar, and John Sizzle.

After a brief introduction on the history of the alternative drag phenomenon from key figures on the scene, Dressed as a Girl turns its focus on its principal characters who talk about their dragtastic times and the personal demons that often hide beneath the mascara.


For the next five years director Colin Rothbart, in his feature film debut, follows the highs and lows of their colourful lives, from boob jobs and breakdowns, to high heels and high drama, taking in London’s East End, Lovebox Festival, and Glastonbury Festival’s Downlow, the world’s first travelling homo disco. It offers revealing insights into their personal and family lives.


All of them experience a rollercoaster ride of emotions that transforms them for better or worse, sharing an emotional journey with the audience. Dressed as a Girl is an inspirational, occasionally heartbreaking, but always entertaining, insight into alternative gay culture and a celebration of being true to yourself.

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