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interview with DRESSED AS A GIRL director & cast RuPaul's Drag Con

Cherry Davis

Interview with the director and talent of the 'Dressed as a Girl' documentary at RuPaul's Dragcon 2016 WATCH THE INTERVIEW

Interview with Amber, Holestar & Sizzle

Mark J Freeman

Mark J Freeman interviews 3 of the stars of UK Documentary film, "Dressed As A Girl" directed by Colin Rothbart. Holestar, Amber Waze, and John Sizzle at Drag Con 2016. WATCH THE INTERVIEW

Interview director Colin Rothbart at Drag Con 2016 Afterbuzz T

Mark J Freeman

Afterbuzz TV host Mark J Freeman talks with director Colin Rothbart about his new UK Documentary film "Dressed As A Girl" Starring Holestar, Amber Waze, & John Sizzle. WACTH THE INTERVIEW

Video Interview with Holestar, Amber & Sizzle

Vaughn Johseph

V3TV visits RuPaul's DragCon & speaks with the cast of 'Dressed As A Girl' to discuss their film, their transition into their lifestyle. YOU CAN WATCH THE INTERVIEW

DragCon 2016: Dressed As A Girl Cast/Director Interview

Nicholas Kusnir

Here's an interview from the Second Annual DragCon, with cast members as well as the director/writer of Dressed As A Girl. The film was directed/written by Colin Rothbart, and stars Amber Waze, John Sizzle, Holestar, Jonny Woo, Scottee, and Pia Arbor. CLICK TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW

Meet Holestar, the Victor/Victoria of London Drag Scene

Laurie Schenden

In “Victor/Victoria,” Julie Andrews takes Paris by storm as the title character, a woman posing as a man pretending to be a woman. “I was inspired by that film,” says Holestar, one of the best-known fabulously painted faces from London’s alternative drag scene, who has the unusual distinction among the drag performers as having been born female. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Dressed as a Girl Feature

Roger Walker-Dack

If you are unfamiliar with the alternative drag scene in London's vibrant East End, then discovering the extraordinary performance artist Jonny Woo -- who had been the ringmaster of it all for the past decade -- is quite an eyeopener. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Life Can Be A Drag

Life can be a drag. Ask Liza Minnelli . . . or any of the drag queens who “do” her. Better yet, take a glance at “Dressed as a Girl”, a diversely entertaining and insightfully heartfelt documentary into the UK Alternative Drag Scene. In his feature film debut, director Colin Rothbart rips off the wigs and wipes away the mascara to find the real people behind the figureheads of East London’s much-hyped alternative drag scene.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE

New Documentary Reveals the Private Lives of Drag Queens.

David-Elijah Nahmod

There are moments of brilliance in Colin Rothbart’s new documentary Dressed As A Girl. The British filmmaker focuses his camera lens on the denizens of the underground drag scene in London’s East End. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Dressed as a Girl @ Dragcon

This new film from World of Wonder strips off the wigs and makeup to reveal the personal side of East London’s alternative drag scene. A spiritual successor to Paris Is Burning and The Cockettes, Dressed as a Girl was filmed over a six-year-period and offers unique insights in trailblazing performers like Jonny Woo, Holestar, Scottee, Amber Waze, Pia Arber and John Sizzle. READ THE FULL ARTICLE


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